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17:30, 20 Feb 2017  |  Français

Eco-Campus Commuter

<b>Algonquin Parking Map</b><b>Carleton University Parking Map</b><b>Saint Paul University Parking Map</b><b>University of Ottawa Parking Map</b>

VRTUCAR Eco Campus Commuter

Every college and university has a mandate to reduce private cars on campus and encourage the use of sustainable transportation. VRTUCAR has placed shared cars on Ottawa campuses for many years.

Now, VRTUCAR has launched an “Eco Campus Commuter” agreement with Algonquin College, Carleton University, Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa.  The Eco Campus Commuter agreement provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to get from one campus to another that is convenient and economical.

VRTUCAR members who use campus VRTUCARs, or attend classes, teach or work on campus, now have free parking on each of the other campuses. For example, if you’re a member who is enrolled in a joint program, or you go from one campus to another to use the recreation facilities, and you drive there using a campus VRTUCAR (listed below), you won’t have to pay for parking!

Eco Campus VRTUCARs

Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence Parking Lot (Station 65)
Carleton University Parking Lot 4 (Station 48)
(Northbound O Train stop) 
Saint Paul University Main Parking Lot (Station 25)

University of Ottawa Parking Lot “J” (Station 32)

University of Ottawa Lees Campus (Station 60)
(200 Lees - Lees Avenue Transitway)

# 2001 Honda Insight
# 2212 Toyota Yaris

# 2015 Toyota Corolla

#2396 Toyota Prius C
# 2434 Toyota Corolla
# 2147 Toyota Yaris

#2341 Toyota Yaris

Where can I park my Eco Campus VRTUCAR (listed above) for free?

At Algonquin College – Pay & Display Lot 12
At Carleton University – Pay & Display Lot P-1 and P-2B
At Saint Paul University – Pay & Display Lot (east)
At University of Ottawa – Pay & Display Garages: Demarais and Mann;  200 Lees Ave. Pay & Display

VRTUCAR’s insurance company requires members to be 21 years or older, and have a 3-5 year clear driving record. Once an online application is approved and the orientation completed, members can reserve a car 24/7 online, for as little as half an hour, up to several days in a row. For more information, call 613-798-1900.