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17:30, 20 Feb 2017  |  Français


VRTUCAR Car Sharing was established in Ottawa in 2000, with one car and four members. Today, this thriving local business has grown into a reliable transportation network, serving over 2,800 members with over 100 fuel-efficient cars located in Ottawa, Gatineau and Kingston.

Many of us simply don't drive enough to justify the expense and hassles of owning a car - yet it’s difficult to give up the freedom of driving a car.

Car sharing provides flexible wheels for an urban lifestyle. You'll get convenient access to a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles in your neighbourhood and across the city - and pay only when you use them.

You can reserve a VRTUCAR - by phone or Internet, 24-hours-a-day, and then use it for a few hours, or a week. Pay per trip, and never have to worry about gas, insurance, repairs or monthly parking again!

  • as CONVENIENT as your own car,
  • as AFFORDABLE as a latte,
  • FASTER than renting, and
  • lets you KICK the CAR HABIT

Original founder and current “Chief Sharing Officer” of VRTUCAR, J. Wilson Wood is an Ottawa entrepreneur who cares deeply about the environment and is proud of the success of VRTUCAR as a sustainable “green” business.

“If you drive less than 1,000 km a month and you don't need a car for work every day, car sharing will likely save you thousands of dollars a year, give you greater mobility - and actually reduce pollution,” says Wilson.