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09:47, 22 Dec 2014  |  Français

Learn more about the VRTUCAR plan that suits your needs!

Green Driver

Our most economical plan

  • Membership $10 or $30/month
  • $3.95/hour
  • 39¢ or 29¢/kilometer
  • $500 refundable deposit required
  • Longer distance rates available

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Easy Driver

For occasional drivers

  • No monthly membership fee
  • $99 + tax non-refundable joining fee
  • $8/hour
  • 15¢/kilometer
  • Longer distance rates available 

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Duet Driver

For "bus plus VRTUCAR" drivers

  • For OC Transpo PRESTO card, U-Pass & Kingston Transit Pass holders
  • $99 + tax non-refundable joining fee
  • Membership $10/month
  • $3.95/hour
  • 39¢/kilometer
  • Longer distance rates available

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Affordable business transportation

  • Reduce your transportation carbon footprint
  • No deposit or monthly fees for qualifying businesses
  • $3.95/hour + 29¢/kilometer
  • Workday and longer distance rates available

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Train + Auto

Our partnership plan for travellers to Montreal

  • Take VIA Rail from Ottawa to Montreal return and use a Communauto car in Montreal for the special rate of $79 + 15¢ per kilometer
  • Gas and insurance are included
  • Choose a Communauto car parked at the train station, or many other sites
  • No need to go to a counter or speak to an agent - your membership gives you direct access to our self-service cars
  • Cars can be reserved for up to 72 hours
  • Return the car to its station and take VIA Rail back to Ottawa
  • No joining fee
  • $3.95 per month damage protection fee
  • payment by pre-authorized credit card

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