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17:30, 20 Feb 2017  |  Français

Green Driver Plans

Don't need a car all the time? Let VRTUCAR provide you with green, hourly driving! We take care of gas and insurance - you pay only for the hours and the kilometers you use, with a modest monthly membership fee. Green Driver is our most popular and economical plan. See Notes below.

R Regular Plan
$10 / month + 39¢ / km + $3.95 / hour
F Frequent Plan
$30 / month + 29¢ / km + $3.95 / hour

 Green Driver Special Rates

Long Distance Use Long Distance Use
For longer distance use trips, Regular and Frequent Plan members can book up to 7 days in a row.
$39 / 24 hours + 15¢ / km
Work Day Work Day
The Work Day Rate is available to Frequent Plan members only. This rate is available after 07h00 and finishing by 17h30, Monday-Friday.

$26 / work day + 40 kms free / work day

  • 07h00-17h30, Monday to Friday 
  • 15¢ / km for additional kilometers


  • A deposit of $500 is required, which is refundable in full upon termination of membership. Each associate membership requires a refundable deposit of $250.
  • $3.95 / month damage protection is mandatory
  • Long distance trips can include 3 hours of grace - for free!
  • Fuel surcharge may apply. See Questions & Answers section for details.