Communauto - About us

Communauto carsharing was established in Ottawa in 2000 by local environmentalists and entrepreneurs, with one car and four members. The service has grown into a reliable transportation network, serving 5,000 members in 7 cities in Ontario including; Ottawa, Kingston, Waterloo, Hamilton, Guelph and London. Urban living and major public investment in public transit in Ottawa allows a lifestyle that simply does not include enough driving to justify the expense and hassles of owning a car – yet it’s difficult to give up the freedom of driving a car. If you drive less than 1,000 km a month and you don’t need a car for work every day, car sharing will likely save you thousands of dollars a year, give you greater mobility choice – and actually reduce transportation generated pollution, the largest contributor to Green House Gases in the Nation’s Capital. Car sharing provides flexible wheels for an urban lifestyle. You’ll get convenient access to a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles in your neighbourhood and across the city – and pay only when you use them. Communauto merged with Communauto of Montreal, Canada’s largest carsharing provider in 2016, allowing Communauto to continue be a leader in providing shared mobility options and to grow with Ottawa by expanding services and access the latest in mobility technology. Wilson Wood Communauto Founder

What makes us different

#1 Think Local

Communauto (VRTUCAR) started and remains a local small business in your community supporting other local businesses, organizations and cooperatives.

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#2 Think Environment

Communauto (VRTUCAR) cares about sustainability and the environment. We work with like-minded businesses and local municipal transit authorities. One shared car reduces greenhouse gas emissions by replacing up to 10 privately owned cars. We also offer a GHG offset option to our members.

#3 Think Safety

Communauto (VRTUCAR) cares about our members. We provide $2,000,000 insurance coverage. We install winter tires on all our vehicles each fall and we exceed manufacturer’s maintenance standards.

#4 Think Care

Communauto (VRTUCAR) customer service experience. Our phones are answered 24/7 and our offices in Ottawa, Kitchener & Hamilton are open Monday to Friday 8-5. We want to hear from our members both the good experiences and how can we do a better job.

#5 Think Experience

Communauto (VRTUCAR) has 18 years of experience in Ottawa/Kingston and now Southwestern Ontario. This means we know our community, we work in our community, we drive on our roads in our weather, and we respond to the sustainable transportation needs of the communities we serve.


Want to join our team? As we are now part of the Communauto Group, you can check out our jobs offers through Communauto’s website.