Offsetting GHG emissions

What is it?

VRTUCAR initiative, in partnership with Planetair and CO2 Environnement in which VRTUCAR users can offset the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of their trips. These voluntary contributions will help slow global warming with the purchase of carbon credits. At a rate of ¢0.55 /km ($0.0055 /km) for gas-powered vehicles, this only represents $10.94 /year for an average customer (2 000 km/year)! A preferential rate is offered for electric and hybrid vehicles. This calculator has been designed according to the composition of our car fleet.

VRTUCAR will also do its part, by offsetting the kilometres of its service vehicles as well as the emissions of certain activities (electricity, transport, etc.).

Electric: $ 0.0001 /km
Hybrid: $ 0.0029 /km
Gas: $ 0.0055/km

How can you offset?

For our users, it is possible to join the GHG offset program from RÉSERVauto. Simply go to your “Personal Information” and check the option to offset your emissions in the section “Offsetting your emissions".

How much does it cost ?

The GHG offset is calculated based on the kilometres driven and the type of car. Communauto will offer three different rates for the three types of vehicles available in our fleet (see image above). The costs related to the GHG offset are simply added to your bill.

Why ?

Greenhouse gas emissions stemming from human activities are 26% due to transportation and 22% due to our homes. The other half (52%) is related to consumer products such as food, objects, clothing and equipment!

Our lifestyle, our consumption and the way we travel generates greenhouse gas emissions and thus has critical effects on our environment. However, these emissions could be avoided or at the least reduced. By choosing public transportation, walking and cycling for daily trips, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Communauto users thus participate in the preservation of the environment by opting for carsharing rather than owning a personal vehicle. Studies show that carsharing replaces 10 personal vehicles and that carsharing users travel almost 4 times less by car than their neighbours who own a vehicle. Communauto users can now improve their existing contribution by offsetting the rest of their emissions through our program.

The projects

Voluntary offsets will be distributed based on a portfolio of projects certified Gold Standard Mixed Portfolio which include renewable energy – energy efficiency and forestry according to a 50 / 50 quota.

Planetair acquires high-quality Gold Standard carbon credits from international partners. These credits stem from renewable energy and energy efficiency projects carried out in developing nations. Gold Standard carbon credits are the highest quality carbon credits currently available for voluntary offsets requiring notably the transparency of the project development process and the verifiable and measurable reduction of GHG emissions.

he method requires that renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies also lead to sustainable development for local communities Planetair is the reseller of the carbon credits generated CO2 Environnement, which produces the first and only carbon credits to date to be certified CarbonFix transition Gold Standard in North America—the most stringent standard for forest projects. See projects

The certifications

Communauto periodically receives a numbered offset certificate for the purchase of carbon credits as well as for all the kilometres registered by its users. Soon, you will be able to access the list of certificates. Thank you for participating!