Offsetting GHG emissions

What is it?

Communauto members can offset the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their trips. These voluntary contributions help to slow global warming by acquiring credits to offset GHG emissions. At a rate of 0.54¢/km ($0.0054/km) for gas vehicles, this represents only $10.86/year for an average member (2,000 km/year)! This calculator was designed according to the composition of our fleet.

A preferential rate is offered for electric and hybrid vehicles.
For its part, Communauto is committed to offsetting the kilometers of its service vehicles as well as the emissions relating to certain of its activities (electricity, transport, etc.).

How can you offset?

For our members, it is possible to join the GHG compensation program from your online account. Just go to the “Personal Information" option and check the box under the “Offsetting your emissions” section.

How much does it cost ?

GHG compensation is calculated per kilometer driven, depending on the type of vehicle. At Communauto, we offer three different rates, corresponding to the three types of vehicles present in our fleet (see image above). The costs related to GHG offsetting are simply added to your bill.

Why ?

“The sector that produced the most GHG emissions in Quebec in 2016 was transportation (road, air, marine, rail and off-road), which generated 33.8 Mt eq. CO2, or 43.0% of emissions. Road transport alone accounted for 80.1% of transportation sector emissions, or 34.4% of total GHG emissions."1

Our lifestyle, consumption and transport generate greenhouse gases (French only) and is therefore decisive for our environment. However, these emissions could be avoided or at least reduced. By choosing public transportation, walking and cycling for daily trips, you reduce the emission of GHGs. Communauto members thus participate in protecting the environment by opting for carsharing rather than owning a personal vehicle.

Studies show that a car-sharing car replaces 10 private cars and that a car sharer travels by car almost 4 times less than their neighbors who own a car. Members can now enhance this existing contribution by participating in the program by offsetting the rest of their emissions.

The projects

The voluntary compensatory credits will be distributed from a portfolio of projects called “Planetair + Quebec (ecosystem)". Through this portfolio, 100% of emissions are offset by carbon credits from international renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and, in addition to offsetting, Planetair gives 20% per ton offset to Nature Conservancy of Canada – Quebec region (NCN). This contribution supports projects to protect and restore sensitive natural habitats in Quebec that promote adaptation to climate change.

Information on these projects is available on the Information on these projects is available on the Planetair website.

Planetair has created various international alliances with the best providers of high-quality Gold Standard certified carbon credits from renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries. The Gold Standard is the strictest standard on the carbon market, requiring the transparency of the process and the verifiable and measurable reduction of GHG emissions.

1. MINISTÈRE DE L’ENVIRONNEMENT ET DE LA LUTTE CONTRE LES CHANGEMENTS CLIMATIQUES, 2018. Inventaire québécois des émissions de gaz à effet de serre en 2016 et leur évolution depuis 1990, Québec, ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, Direction générale de la réglementation carbone et des données d’émission, 40 p. [En ligne]. Dépôt légal – Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, 2018 ISBN : 978-2-550-82814-3 (PDF)