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20:26, 23 Feb 2017  |  Français

Business Membership Application Form

A minimum of 3 Employee-Drivers is required
Business Membership Agreement

I warrant the I have the authority to bind The Business.

I agree to act as administrator, or appoint an administrator, for the VRTUCAR Business Membership, which means:

  1. I, or my appointee, will ensure that The Business agrees with the VRTUCAR Business Driver Member Rules. We acknowledge that VRTUCAR may amend the Rules from time to time.
  2. I, or my appointee, will act as a primary contact between The Business and VRTUCAR.
  3. I, or my appointee, will notify VRTUCAR in writing (email) whenever a new Employee-Driver is to be added to the membership, or when an Employee-Driver is no longer to have access to VRTUCAR vehicles.
  4. I, or my appointee, will be responsible for receiving the monthly invoice, and for paying any fees owing to VRTUCAR by the following payment method:
    • Pre-authorized credit card
    • Pre-authorized debit
    • Cheque

VRTUCAR's acceptance of this agreement is subject to the acceptance of the driving records of the Employee-Drivers by VRTUCAR's insurance provider.

VRTUCAR will, subject to the terms of the Business Driver Member Rules and this Agreement, provide registered Employee-Drivers access to VRTUCAR vehicles.

Business Information
Business Name:*
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Postal Code:*
Email Address:*
Account Administrator
Person authorized to the bind this business:*