Plans & Rates

Open plan


or $60/day

75km included

15¢/km after 75km

  • No monthly fee
  • No refundable membership bond
  • $25 non-refundable joining fee
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or $27.65/day


15¢/km after 50km

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Value Plus


or $24.85/day


15¢/km after 50km

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Value Extra


or $20.65/day


15¢/km after 50km

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Reservations or booking changes with Internet: free / by phone $0.60 per transaction from 8am to 5pm and $1.20 in the evening. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance to assess the plan that best suits your needs or use our Trip Calculator.

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Open Plan




Value Plus


Value Extra


Gas and insurance included

* Subscribers to Value Plan Extra automatically have access to the Workweek rate.
* Offer exclusive to Value Plan Plus and Extra members: automatically enjoy the Open Plan rates when this option is less expensive for you!

Value Plans Benefits

  No hourly fee from 1 to 6am

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Enjoy no hourly fee for use between 1AM and 6AM. For local reservations only (you must reserve the vehicle). Km charged at regular rate.


  Quick Round Trip

Offer exclusive to Value Plus and Value Extra members: automatically enjoy the Open Plan rates when this option is less expensive for you!

  Work Rate

Use a vehicle for the flat rate of $26 per day. Offer exclusive to Value Extra members. Find out more 

Terms :

  • $26 per day flat fee
  • Available Monday through Friday only
  • Maximum 10 consecutive hours*
  • 40 km included
  • $0.15 per extra km

If applicable, the fuel surcharge is applied to all kilometers driven.

*An unaccounted period from midnight to 6:00 AM is included. This means that, for example, you can pick the up the car at 5:00 PM and return it the next day at 9:00 AM (16 hours later) without incurring any extra costs.



Add other eligible drivers to your account to share one monthly invoice Find out more 

There is a monthly damage protection fee of $3.95 per member.

The refundable membership bond totals $750 for the household. Only available for Value Plans.



Damage Protection Plan Options

As low as $0 per month

By default, at the time of your registration, an amount of $3.95/month is charged to limit your damage fee in case of an accident (liable or not) to $300. Once registered, you can eliminate this amount and reduce your liability for damage by choosing one of the following options:

Damage fee Cost per driver
$0 per accident $5/month
$300 per accident $3.95/month
$600 per accident $1 per trip
$0 per accident (with Damage Protection Plan Waiver) $0/month (1)

(1) If the credit card on your file offers collision, loss, and damage insurance.Certain conditions apply.