VRTUCAR purchases insurance coverage for you, with All Perils (Collision and Comprehensive), Third Party Liability, Accident Benefits, Uninsured Automobile Coverage, Family Protection Endorsement and two million dollars liability.

When you are driving a VRTUCAR, you are responsible for the car during your reservation period. This is no different than if you were using your own vehicle.  You are responsible for reporting to VRTUCAR, any damage to the car, however caused.

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Collision Involving Injury or Damage over $1,000
A collision where someone is injured, or there is property damage or third-party damage in excess of $1,000, is a “reportable collision”. Drivers must report to VRTUCAR any accident or charge by police or their membership will be cancelled.

If you are not at fault in such an accident, (as determined by the police, or our insurance company) this usually means the other driver was charged with a violation. Any damage to the VRTUCAR would be repaired and paid by our insurance company.  In this case, no fees or responsibility are applied to the VRTUCAR driver.

VRTUCAR Damage Protection Fund
All VRTUCAR drivers pay $3.95 per month Damage Protection. We use this fund to repair damage to VRTUCARs up to $1000, however caused, where the police are not involved, there are no injuries, no property damage and no third party damage.

If there is damage over $1000 and there are no injuries, no property damage or third party damage VRTUCAR proposes a ‘case-by-case’ solution that is mutually agreeable to the driver and to VRTUCAR. In the event that VRTUCAR and the driver cannot reach agreement, VRTUCAR’s solution prevails.

Collision/Loss Damage Insurance with VISA or MasterCard
Another option for deductible protection while using a VRTUCAR, is the Collision/Loss Damage Insurance (CLDI) provided by some credit cards. To qualify for CLDI, the VRTUCAR driver must use that eligible credit card to pay their monthly VRTUCAR invoice.  Click here to download CLDI forms.

Other Resources
For further information about auto insurance in Ontario, please visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada website (Frequently Asked Questions) at, or to see our insurance policy.