Workplace Solutions

With VRTUCAR, you always have the right-sized fleet and can add an unlimited amount of drivers to your account, a minimum of three employee drivers is required. Your business or institution will:
  • Save money
  • Enjoy increased accountability
  • Be able hire the best person for the job regardless of whether they have a car.
Plus! Your employees will have the option to not use their personal use vehicles for work and be able to take VRTUCARs from their neighborhood for convenience or increased safety for night meetings!

What’s included?

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  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • 24/7 fleet support
  • Monthly single itemized invoice (your accounting department will love you)
  • And more!


The costs

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A $50 (plus HST) per Employee Driver, non- refundable registration fee is required.

Trip rates
  • $2.95 per hour
  • $0.29 per kilometer for first 50 kilometers
  • $0.15 per kilometer for additional kilometers
  • Gas and insurance included

Work Rate (Monday – Friday only)
  • $26 flat rate for reservations of 10 consecutive hours maximum
  • 40 kilometers included (fuel surcharge may apply)
  • Additional kilometers $0.15

Every month, your business will receive an invoice detailing vehicle use costs. Gas, insurance and maintenance are included in your plan


More benefits

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Vehicle Access

Choose between a growing fleet of cars, multi passenger vehicles, sedans, and hybrids.


No need to calculate the price of fuel when planning that trip to New Brunswick. With VRTUCAR, gas is included.


Accidents happen. That’s why every VRTUCAR driver gets full collision and comprehensive coverage. Learn more.


VRTUCAR’s Fleet Team cleans the cars regularly – inside and out.

Fleet service

Call our hotline right away if you encounter trouble on the road, and we’ll figure out how to get you on your way.


Membership with VRTUCAR offers more than access to vehicles – it includes great perks to save members money and increase quality of life.


Signing up your business is fast and easy

Simply Click here to fill out the form and we will get back to you within 2 or 3 business days.

*A minimum of 3 Employee-Drivers is required  

Business Membership Agreement

I warrant the I have the authority to bind The Business.

I agree to act as administrator, or appoint an administrator, for the VRTUCAR Business Membership, which means:

  1. I, or my appointee, will ensure that The Business agrees with the VRTUCAR Business Driver Member Rules. We acknowledge that VRTUCAR may amend the Rules from time to time.
  2. I, or my appointee, will act as a primary contact between The Business and VRTUCAR.
  3. I, or my appointee, will notify VRTUCAR in writing (email) whenever a new Employee-Driver is to be added to the membership, or when an Employee-Driver is no longer to have access to VRTUCAR vehicles.
  4. I, or my appointee, will be responsible for receiving the monthly invoice, and for paying any fees owing to VRTUCAR by the following payment method:
    • Pre-authorized credit card
    • Pre-authorized debit
    • Cheque

VRTUCAR's acceptance of this agreement is subject to the acceptance of the driving records of the Employee-Drivers by VRTUCAR's insurance provider.

VRTUCAR will, subject to the terms of the Business Driver Member Rules and this Agreement, provide registered Employee-Drivers access to VRTUCAR vehicles.

Business Information

Account Administrator


Add a driver to your account

Fill out the form

Employee-Driver Agreement

I apply to become a VRTUCAR Employee-Driver. I agree with the VRTUCAR Business Driver Member Rules. I understand that my Employee-Driver status is contingent on the Business maintaining the membership in good standing. I agree to maintain a clear driving record, or to notify VRTUCAR promptly of any convictions I receive while a member.


Contact Information

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Emergency Contact

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